Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Best Blogger in the World

As we prepare for our big sailing adventure, keeping in some form of intermittent contact with the 'real world' will certainly be a priority -- which leads me to who is in my humble opinion "The Best Blogger in the World." 

This "Best Blogger in the World" of whom I speak is the one blogger on the planet whom I would take if I were ever trapped on that ubiquitous desert island -- and of course, in my case this scenario actually is in the realm of possibility. Trapped on a remote atoll, WiFi would certainly be limited and intermittent at best (OK, OK, there would be no WiFi, but let's suspend our disbelief, shall we?), so you wouldn't waste your precious time flitting around on Gawker or The Smoking Gun, as much as I enjoy these guiltiest of guilty pleasures. On those rare instances when you would actually have bars, and before the sad moment when the battery finally goes dead for good, the importance of the choice of where to spend your very limited and precious internet time would come into crystal clear focus.

So, after years of web surfing, my choice for "The Best Blogger in the World" goes to Scott Adams and his website.

Scott blogs every day without fail on literally every interesting or provocative question, topic or problem of the day. His intellect is simply monstrous. The man is scary-smart. The words come tumbling out of him in a torrent, as if they had been bottled up inside his brain for weeks and weeks, which you know isn't true because the last brilliant torrent was a mere 24 hours previous. He's philosophical. He's honest without being mean. He has the uncanny ability to communicate complex ideas in a concise and clear way. And, as we all know from his Dilbert cartoons, he's one of the funniest men on the planet.

Recent blog titles include: "My Bias Against Uncertainty," "Today's Life and Death Question," "Folksy Economic Wisdom," "The Benefits of Boredom" and "Uncommunication Devices," to name a few.

From a recent post: "President Obama's job approval rating is under 40%. Congress has a job approval rating of 13%. Our economy is circling the drain and all we have is a plan to make a plan - one that we know in advance will either be ridiculous or, if sensible, rejected by Congress." And another: "I read someplace that the brain needs some boredom during the day to process thoughts and generate creativity. That sounds right. My best ideas always bubble up when I'm bored. And my period of greatest creative output was during my corporate years when every meeting felt like a play date for coma patients."

Do yourself a favor and add Scott's website to your favorites list. I'm hoping at least a few shavings of his intellect and insight will rub off on me as I take advantage of the opportunity to take a peek into his very original mind.



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