Sunday, June 8, 2014

Back Home in Newport Beach, CA

                                                      Newport Beach from the pier

                      Chris and I recently spent an idyllic May afternoon ambling about
                        in Newport Beach -- ground zero of The OC, and the stomping
                                                      ground of our childhoods.

                                                First order of business: off with the shoes!

                               When we lived in Huntington Beach we went for after-work walks
                                      on the beach at least once a week during the summertime.
                                 There's nothing like it for your mind, body, spirit and relationship
                                                        with yourself and those around you.

                           Tons of celebrities have lived here, and owned waterfront property.
                           John Wayne was the biggest. We even named our airport after him.

                      Nicholas Cage has a waterfront place in Newport. Here he is
                                    cavorting on the dock with Eva Mendez.
                                   It's a business event, I'm sure... (whatever)...

                   Former NBA all star Dennis Rodman famously had a waterfront place here for awhile. You did NOT want to be his neighbor -- unless you didn't have a job, and you normally sleep all day and, ahem, CAVORT all night.


                 The boat to the right was Dennis' boat.  Ya gotta squint in the bright
                        Newport sun to read it, but yes, the name of his boat was
                     "Sexual Chocolate." Ya gotta give him points for originality.

                                      When we lived in a tiny condo in Huntington Beach
                             (next to Newport)  Sandra Bullock lived 3 blocks away from
                              us on the beach with ol' what's his name in the photo above.

                                              So anyway, you get my drift. It's gorgeous here. And you can buy waterfront property here for millions -- or, like the rest of us, you can walk, romp and play in the water and the sand for free. This land is your land, this land is our land! It's for everyone.

                                                              A young girl digs for sandcrabs

                                              It was an unseasonably warm May day --
                                                 15 degrees above normal. Heaven.

                                Chris found this kindred spirit playing the Irish fiddle at the pier.
                                                 I think he was playing the Kerry Polka.

                                                       Hunter and prey on the pier

                                                          Tools of the trade

                       Young boys help their dads fish on the pier. I don't even want to know
                                   how the kid on the right got that gouge on his face.
                                               Fishing can be dangerous -- and sharp.

                                              One minute you're swimming happily...
                                                       the next minute, you're bait.

    Maybe we should get our young gang-bangers down to the beach more often.
 Carving your name in the sand has some of the same rewards as tagging. 

                                                         The prototype of a young OC surfer

                                                                  New money, perhaps?

                                               Sandy front steps: the ultimate status symbol

                           I was excited to see that after a few years absence, my favorite
                              restaurant on the planet is still open and as successful as ever.

       Ho Sum's Bistro in Newport Beach. I've eaten here hundreds of times over the years. It's the perfect combination of comfort, easy beach atmosphere, delicious healthy food for not alot of nickels. If you're ever in Newport Beach, do yourself a favor and GO.

             Anyway, our idyllic beach romp was soon over and it was back to the mountains for us (a mere 2 hour drive -- that's why the millions of us are crazy enough to live here).

                                                 Catchya later, dude! -- From The OC