Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Mexico/Central America: #10: Puerto Angel, Mexico

People always ask: "What was the most beautiful place you visited during your sailing adventure?" 

After much thought, here they are: the top 10 most beautiful places in mexico/central america.

To start things off: #10: puerto angel, mexico.

                               Puerto angel is along the the southwest coast of 

                                        pacific mexico, not far from Acapulco. 

MONDAY, MARCH 12, 2012

On The Rocks in Puerto Angel

Rocky but beautiful Puerto Angel

                         A volleyball net is hung on the Puerto Angel beach for the local youth.
         We watched an evening game played by young Mexican women -- they were quite talented!

                                      After living amongst the swirls and eddies of people in Acapulco,
                                               a few days in tiny Puerto Angel was a relaxing treat.


 Our first spot in this tiny port was too close to the rocks in the scary swell conditions.

So we pulled anchor and moved to the center of the anchorage.

 Once we were a free boat, we dove through the swells to the middle of the small harbor, where the engine promptly died.

Within a minute or two we would be on the rocks.

I yelled up to Chris at the bow: "The engine is dead. Drop the anchor -- NOW!"

And he did just that. In the nick of time.


We really worked together. As a team. It was a very good sign. :-)

He later diagnosed and promptly fixed the problem with the fuel line.

The scene in Puerto Angel unfolds before you like a book of postcards

As unsettling as it was trying to sleep so close to the rocks, there is something soothing about the sound as well. The rhythmic crash of the waves feels like the pulse of the earth.

A simple beachfront home here in Puerto Angel

The economy has been hit hard here, like everywhere else. There is an abandoned movie theater here, which closed in 2007 and has not reopened.

The faded poster for "Leones Por Corderos" ("Lions for Lambs") starring Robert Redford, Meryl Streep and Tom Cruise, was the last film to play here when the theater closed in 2007 during the worst of the economic crash. The poster remains on the theater wall as a time capsule for the international stock market collapse.

                                      A family makes do with a cinderblock foundation.
        They give it a homey feel with plants, vegetables and flowers growing in the front garden.

                          This family doubtless prays it is a long time until the next hurricane or
                                                earthquake -- or even the next stiff wind.

What a pleasure it was shopping for fresh fruits and veggies in Puerto Angel!

Typical beachside scene

Fishing boats line the beach of bucolic Puerto Angel

As lovely as this town is, sadly I can only recommend the anchorage for sailboats with a big flopper-stopper and an even bigger anchor. This challenge no doubt is the reason for it's lovely isolation and unspoiled beauty.

Regardless, we will always remember the gift of our few days in beautiful Puerto Angel.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Can't Bear To Watch the News Today

Yesterday was the latest multiple shooting here in the U.S.  This one was in Washington D.C.

The shooter was a depressed, anxious and disgruntled young man whom authorities believe slipped across the state line into Virginia (where there are little or no state restrictions on buying guns) and bought this semi-automatic rifle:

It's called an AR-15. It was created for use in the American armed forces. It is excellent for battle because it is lightweight, easy to use and reload, and it can kill many people in a short period of time.

It is either illegal or very difficult for civilians to purchase and own in nearly all western countries.

But in the US, there are no federal restrictions on semi-automatic weapons like this one.

              There is even a "Hello Kitty" version available for purchase here in the US

The AR-15 was used in many of our most famous recent American mass-shootings, and for good reason. It's an extremely efficient killing machine.

 They are still gathering information about the latest shooter. But what they do know is he was a big fan of violent video games. "You could say he was obsessed with them," said one media personality. Literally every mass shooter has spend hour after countless hour obsessively playing them. In their minds, I think, they are literally "in training" for "the big day."

      Speaking of violent video games and the media, Grand Theft Auto 5 came out recently, to little or no uproar or outrage by the media, or strangely, even by conservative family organizations.

        Violent shooting video games like Grand Theft Auto are used by our military to train special forces units for battle. They do this very efficiently and realistically. It's kind of like how pilots train in those flight simulators. It's not much of a jump to go from the computer generated image to the real thing.

  Anyway, each time Grand Theft Auto comes out with a new version, the news media basically gushes about how cool it is, and how fresh and realistic the effects are.

 By the way, Grand Theft Auto isn't just about stealing cars and violent automatic weapon battles. It also features crack cocaine, rape and prostitutes.


Chris and I were in Roatan, Honduras when the Sandy Hook murder-suicide took place (that's what they are, by the way: these shooters to a man are despondent and suicidal, as are Islamic terrorists).  That was the one where a couple of dozen children and teachers were killed. We happened to be traveling with several  Canadians during this time.

The Canadians looked at Chris and I and asked with calm, sincere,  clear-eyed honesty:

"Wow. What's going on in your country? Why doesn't anyone want to change things? How can you live this way?"

Well. It's kind of hard to explain...

The rest of the civilized world looks at us this way as well. They truly don't understand.

Anyway, this morning the news is showing politicians say that their "thoughts and prayers" are with the victims and their families.  This is getting a bit tiresome.

To me, if you are a politician, and you take money from the NRA and you pass laws that make automatic weapons easily available to basically anyone, then you come on TV and say that your "thoughts and prayers" are with the victims and their families -- well -- I'll let you be the judge.

 Another thing I'm tired of? The media asking: "How could this happen?"

 We know how it happens -- and why.  There is no more mystery to it.

 The Randy Newman's song I Just Want You To Hurt Like I Do pretty much explains the mental/emotional state of these shooters:

                 If I had one wish, one dream I knew would come true;
                      I'd want to speak to all of the people of the world;
                       I'd get up there, I'd get up there on that platform;
                        I'd talk to the people, and I'd say:

                        'It's a rough, rough world -- it's a tough, tough world;
                          And things don't always go the way we plan;
                               But there's one thing we all have in common;
                                And it's something everyone can understand;

                            I just want you to hurt like I do;
                            I just want you to hurt like I do;
                            I just want you to hurt like I do --
                            Honest, I do -- honest, I do -- honest, I do.'

                                       -- Randy Newman, "I Just Want You To Hurt Like I Do."

So I'm not watching the news today.  Watching it -- well -- it tears a bloody hole in my gut.

And I don't want to hear the question: "Why do they do it?" anymore.

Because we know why they do it.

They do it because they can.


Monday, September 9, 2013

Top 10 Things Not To Buy At The Dollar Store

  Chris and I are trying to live the "simple life" -- also known as the "economy plan."

  One major component of life on the economy plan is the occasional visit to the Dollar Store (or the 99 Cent Store). If you haven't been to one lately, you really need to check them out. While (let's face it) alot of the stuff in there is crap -- there is also increasingly lots and lots of good quality items, including fresh produce.

 I have friends and family who sniff their noses and raise their hands in a "thanks, but no thanks" gesture to the mere thought of darkening the door of a Dollar Store.

 This is a bit foolish, in my opinion. I pop in at least once a month and stock up on pasta, brand name toiletries, canned goods, paper/stationary products, wrapping paper, and the aforementioned fruits and vegetables that are just as good as those at conventional stores, for a fraction of the price.

 Having said that, though, there are certain items that you probably should not buy at the Dollar Store.

10)   "Table Spread"

       The science is clear: butter is still bad but worse yet is margarine. This mystery product "Table Spread" is probably at the bottom of the barrel. If you buy this it is pretty much guaranteed someone in your family will have a major heart attack in the next week. Don't do it.

9) Pregnancy Test

   This definitely falls under the category of things you don't want to scrimp on. The pharmaceuticals at the Dollar Store have often passed their expiration dates. Anyway, I'm not sure which would be worse: a false positive or a false negative. I suppose it depends on your specific situation. Regardless -- you don't want to screw around in this department. Head on over to Walgreens instead.

8) Mystery meat processed foods

        I don't know what this is. "Jamaican-style chicken patties."  Whatever it is, it's not food, and I'm pretty sure Jamaicans should be offended. Take a look at that photo. Bleck. Seriously. Drop the box and keep on walking.

7) Motor Oil/Transmission Fluid

    Now, I'm just a girl, and cars and car maintenance are all Greek to lil' ol' me...HOWEVER. It seems to me that generic, plain wrap motor oil may not be the way to go.  Imagine if you took the plunge and poured the gallon of 99 cent motor oil into your car's thirsty engine, and the next morning your Mercedes keels over and dies. Coincidence? You'll never know, but it's best not to take the risk.

6) Cat Food

   The same principle goes for the cat and dog food. Imagine if you gave your loving little feline some 99 cent kibble and the next morning they keel over and die. Coincidence?'ll never know (well, let's face it -- you WOULD know, now, wouldn't you?). So -- it's best not to take the risk.

5) "Grape Spread"

  This falls under the same category as "Table Spread." I'm not sure what "Grape Spread" is, but it's not Grape Jam and it's not Grape Jelly. And I'm pretty sure the #1 ingredient is High Fructose Corn Syrup -- but I was too scared to actually look at the label.   Stick with Smuckers.

4) Hair Color

      Again, here is an area where you really don't want to screw around.  Home coloring is daunting enough as it is. Also, as a rule I don't use hair color products that play around with the spelling of the word "Easy" as in this "ColorEazy."  This is not a game, people. This is hair color. It's as serious as a heart attack and definitely not "Eazy."

Anyway, this product may be perfectly fine, but for obvious reasons I will never spend the 99 cents to find out.

3) Diet Pills

                 I don't know.  We probably shouldn't be buying diet pills anyway, because they never work, and they're always a rip-off.  So diet pills that have passed their expiration date (which is what you would get at the 99 cent store)  are not even worth the 99 cents you pay for them.  I'd just stick with diet and exercise.

2) Snack Cakes

    Seriously, people. They call them "Devil Squares" for a reason -- and that "Little Debbie?" She is not your friend, and she is trying to kill you.   This crap is trans-fat/high fructose corn syrup heaven. Don't do it. Keep on walkin.'

1) Egg Salad Sandwiches

                                             Yeesh!   'Nuff said.    :-/

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mountain lions and other dangers in Green Valley Lake

                                   A mountain lion has been prowling the streets of
                                           Green Valley Lake the last few weeks

                    There's a story going around town that someone actually saw a mountain
                      lion kill a coyote and singlehandedly haul it up a tree, where he proceeded
                      to tear the animal apart limb from limb and eat him for dinner. Hmmmm.
                    In my opinion, a check of this one would come up
                                      "unsubstantiated." But the rumor is out there.

                                        We've also heard about another attack --
                                 this one resulted in the fatality of a small dog.


                               "Gooooooooood kitty. Sweet little, goooooood little kitty..."

                           The risk of a human being killed or attacked is pretty small.
                            We're certainly not going to stop going for walks or hikes
                                             around our beautiful mountain town.

                  Our friend Dennis had this wood carving of a majestic cougar commissioned
                  and placed it in the front yard of his Green Valley Lake home.  The artist says
                  that this is "life sized." Yikes. Anyway, Dennis has named his new cougar
                                                       statue "Demi Moore." Cute. :-}

                         Anyway, mountain lions aside, there are certain inherent risks
                               to living in a place as remote as Green Valley Lake.

                       This humorous sign adorns the home of a Green Valley Lake Cabin.
                            But never fear -- black bears, while they are certainly around,
                rarely attack or eat humans. As for the second part, I honestly have no idea if
                             humans taste  like chicken...and I hope I never have to find out.


      Another risk out here -- injury and no medical care nearby. 
     Chris suffered a pretty serious gash
to the forehead over the weekend while helping our new neighbors
     tear down a fence. It was a spurting, bloody mess. This photo is off 
          of the internet because Chris didn't want me to photograph his actual 
              wound. But trust me, it was about this bad (but closer to his hairline -- 
          his hair will cover the scar).  A 35 minute drive 
            to the nearest Urgent Care down the hill and 21 stitches later,
we're grateful his baby blue eyes were spared. :-) 

Other little known risks:

        Crazed attack chickens. This is our friend Carl's chicken coop. 
     Trust me. You don't want to rile these guys up. They'll peck you to death!

        Theoretically you could get run over by a train.
        This sign is next to the GVL meadow.
 While I've never seen any trains or railroad tracks, one never knows.
 Best to stay alert. 

     There is a gorilla behind Dave Burt's Family Hut. 
           I'm pretty sure it's plastic, but I've never gotten close enough 
              to know for sure. You don't want to mess with gorillas. 
       They'll tear you limb from limb.

          Another risk: angry, gun-toting neighbors. 
              For the most part we all get along well out here,
            but just in case, we'd best treat each other with kindness and respect. 
            And don't trespass without express permission.

Breaking and entering is always a concern. The trick is to make perspective burglars believe that someone is home, so they move on to the next house to do their nefarious business. Some people use motion activated lights, but I like the idea of our neighbors, shown in the photo above. See the cake in the window in the lower right? FAKE. It's a completely fake cake! So you think someone's home!

  Of course, we need always be on the alert for fire. 
  This photo is merely a fiery sunset, thankfully. But we stay alert, always. 

                OK, now, see if you can tell me what this is. 
                I saw this cloud formation about a week ago. Kinda weird, right? 

It got worse...horrifying, right? 

    It continued rolling and rumbling across the sky for several minutes
          before dissolving spontaneously, leaving behind just another peaceful forest sunset. 

What-EVER. I have no idea what in the hell that thing up in the sky was. 

But the good news is, despite some wild animals and even wilder weather, we're a tight knit community, and we take care of each other.  And all in all, these risks are pretty small, and worth taking for the beautiful life we are blessed to enjoy up here
at Green Valley Lake.

Green Valley Lake: it's the water --- and alot more.   :-)