Sunday, March 3, 2013

Onward to explore the remote Belize

                                                  Beach scene at Placencia Village

        Well, Espiritu has been happily anchored here in Placencia, Belize for almost a month.

                                 This is the view of shore from aboard Espiritu at anchor

Placencia Village is starting to feel like home. You know what that means: it's time to move on. :-/

 If you visit Placencia, you must pop in to the "Above Grounds" coffee house. They serve fantastic coffee and bagels, plus there's fast WiFi, a great book exchange, and it's literally in a tree house!

                 Flowers at the coffee house look like little purple fireworks exploding

                                 Espiritu in the Placencia anchorage

                                               Children meander home after school

                                                    Pretty beach scene

                                                                Chairs on dock

                                          Many homes like this have a treehouse-like feel

                                                                 Purple and pink

                                          Beach near the "Tipsy Tuna" restaurant

                                                   Crayola-box colors abound here

                                               Local girls at play

                            Children are the same all over the world: bundles of joy.

                                                           Woman carrying basket

                                              Palm and hurricane lamp

                               There are no Walmarts here in Placencia village.
                        Just a few small markets owned by Tiawanese immigrants.

 I'm always curious to find out how other cultures view Americans. Check out these Chinese made underwear we found for sale in a Taiwanese shop aimed at gringos. They're called "Fat Man" underwear. Look at the gringo model on the box. He's fat! And he's proud!  :-/

              Another example of explosive Central American plant growth. I honestly have no idea what's under here. A building? A few trees overtaken by the crazed blanket of vine? Wow.

  The ice cream shop in the village makes their own from scratch. Yes, it's as good as it looks.
           And, as his expression clearly shows, it's Captain Chris' favorite spot in town.  :-)

                                   This is the closest I'll ever come to being a Vegas showgirl

                                                         A squall blows through

                              Fortunately every squall we've experienced here has been mild

                                                                   Going mobile

                                                        After school

                                  I was so fortunate to catch this shot. What an angel...

                                                        On the waterfront

 This has been a good group here in the anchorage.  Here, the dinghy's raft up for the weekly potluck.

                                 Doug, Chris and Bob share stories of the sea after the potluck feast.

            We jammed at a couple of the potlucks with Dave of Cordelia -- an amazing musician. We had a blast playing, but we had to stop early because the bugs were so bad, they were literally biting our ears and eyelids! I guess that's their way of saying they really love our music! (LOL)

                             Look at me -- what a dork. (LOL)   But I'm a happy dork.

                  Well, time to hoist anchor and head north. We plan to day sail tomorrow
                                          and arrive at Pelican Cayes before nightfall.

            There's not much there at Pelican Cayes -- nothing but clear blue water and sandy beaches.

       We'll do some Caye hopping for a few days, so you won't hear from us in awhile.

           Hasta luego!

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