Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Mexico/Central America: #10: Puerto Angel, Mexico

People always ask: "What was the most beautiful place you visited during your sailing adventure?" 

After much thought, here they are: the top 10 most beautiful places in mexico/central america.

To start things off: #10: puerto angel, mexico.

                               Puerto angel is along the the southwest coast of 

                                        pacific mexico, not far from Acapulco. 

MONDAY, MARCH 12, 2012

On The Rocks in Puerto Angel

Rocky but beautiful Puerto Angel

                         A volleyball net is hung on the Puerto Angel beach for the local youth.
         We watched an evening game played by young Mexican women -- they were quite talented!

                                      After living amongst the swirls and eddies of people in Acapulco,
                                               a few days in tiny Puerto Angel was a relaxing treat.


 Our first spot in this tiny port was too close to the rocks in the scary swell conditions.

So we pulled anchor and moved to the center of the anchorage.

 Once we were a free boat, we dove through the swells to the middle of the small harbor, where the engine promptly died.

Within a minute or two we would be on the rocks.

I yelled up to Chris at the bow: "The engine is dead. Drop the anchor -- NOW!"

And he did just that. In the nick of time.


We really worked together. As a team. It was a very good sign. :-)

He later diagnosed and promptly fixed the problem with the fuel line.

The scene in Puerto Angel unfolds before you like a book of postcards

As unsettling as it was trying to sleep so close to the rocks, there is something soothing about the sound as well. The rhythmic crash of the waves feels like the pulse of the earth.

A simple beachfront home here in Puerto Angel

The economy has been hit hard here, like everywhere else. There is an abandoned movie theater here, which closed in 2007 and has not reopened.

The faded poster for "Leones Por Corderos" ("Lions for Lambs") starring Robert Redford, Meryl Streep and Tom Cruise, was the last film to play here when the theater closed in 2007 during the worst of the economic crash. The poster remains on the theater wall as a time capsule for the international stock market collapse.

                                      A family makes do with a cinderblock foundation.
        They give it a homey feel with plants, vegetables and flowers growing in the front garden.

                          This family doubtless prays it is a long time until the next hurricane or
                                                earthquake -- or even the next stiff wind.

What a pleasure it was shopping for fresh fruits and veggies in Puerto Angel!

Typical beachside scene

Fishing boats line the beach of bucolic Puerto Angel

As lovely as this town is, sadly I can only recommend the anchorage for sailboats with a big flopper-stopper and an even bigger anchor. This challenge no doubt is the reason for it's lovely isolation and unspoiled beauty.

Regardless, we will always remember the gift of our few days in beautiful Puerto Angel.

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