Wednesday, April 6, 2016

La Cruz to Mazatlan, Mexico

Beautiful La Cruz beach

After several weeks immersing ourselves in the Banderas Bay local culture, 
                 Captain Chris and I finally pulled anchor and made the 150 mile passage
 north from the Puerto Vallarta area to Mazatlan, Mexico.

The trip north to Mazatlan was a relatively calm one nighter

Here's one last blast of Banderas Bay images:

An "almost-infinity" pool on the La Cruz beach

Great advice we found on the cruiser's 
wall at Anna Bananas in La Cruz 

We spent a day during Easter Week at the beach in Bucerias, packed 
with locals enjoying their rare time off with their families. 

Gorgeous Bucerias beach

Live musicians are often found playing for tips right on 
the beach during Mexican holidays.

     This poor guy was sweating mightily, carrying his giant bass through the 
        sand in the 84 degree weather. I think I heard him mutter: "Why, oh why
      didn't I take up the violin in the 3rd grade? What was I thinking?"

After the older band passed through, a younger, hipper group of musicians took the beach.

As a former bando I can confirm: drummers are always the coolest 
guys in the band -- or at least, they THINK they are. 

OK, you know what? These kids were awesome. They rocked! Auntie Liz, 
beaming with pride, gave them a big, fat tip.   :-) 
 I'm happy to report that instrumental music is thriving down here in Mexico. 

Brilliant idea for moms who worry the ocean 
is a bit much for their little one 

An American woman reads Bill O'Reilly. To each his own...

Me in Bucerias. Happy. :-) 

Our friends Bryce and Arlene running errands in their "car"

La Cruz boy

I LOVED this. Check it out: it's the Mexican version of the carnival game you might see at the county fair, with a few changes. Throw a rock at the beer bottles on the wall in back. Break a bottle, get a can of Corona. Break THREE bottles, you win a whole case! Love it. 

Father and daughter sailors in La Cruz. And yes, that's one crop of very red hair!

OK, this was weird. I needed to refill my Thyroid medication, so I headed over to one of the small pharmacies in La Cruz. I arrived to find the front doors wide open, and not a soul inside:

"Hello? Hellllll--oooooooo?! Anybody in there?"

Nobody replied. 
I could hear the wind blowing through the bottles of pills.

Well. That was strange. And it felt like a test that many might fail. While I admit the thought did enter my mind that maybe this was my one chance to score hundreds of pills of every color for free, I kaboshed that idea real fast. 

Morality issues aside, if you're going to cram your shopping bag with a veritable pharmacy of stolen pharmaceuticals, Mexico is not the place you want to get caught.

I hightailed it on out of there before my brilliant brain came up with any other crazy ideas. I've got no idea where the pharmacist was or what was going on, though. I can't imagine this ever happening at your local Wallgreens.

Locals fish off the La Cruz jetty

One morning Chris and I walked the entire beach from La Cruz to Bucerias. 
It took us two hours, but it's definitely doable during low tide. 

La Cruz marina

Since we're economy cruisers, we were in the anchorage during our stay
 in La Cruz. But we got to visit our friends in the gorgeous Marina Nayarit 
(AKA Marina La Cruz) which was good enough for us.  :-) 

La Cruz fishing nets rest in the sun

"Look what daddy caught!"

This mannequin was in a local boutique -- or should I say MANNequin.  Those are DEFINITELY man-mannequin arms on this display. Was it intentional? Or did they run out of "woman" arms and hope that noone would notice? I know in the era of Bruce Jenner the transexual thing is in -- but truly, I have no idea if this was intentional or not. Your thoughts?

P.S. This store was not in some arty, hip section of Puerto Vallarta. It was at a family mall in Bucerias. I guess we'll just file this under "Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm..."

Veggie stand in Sayulita

Sayulita main drag

Singing with Sherman and the boys at Gecko Rojo in La Cruz

Chris and a local dog patrolling the area in front of an outdoor eatery 
personify a typical laid-back La Cruz evening

Speckled sky over the La Cruz marina

Adios, Banderas Bay. Te amo siempre. 



  1. Great pics, Liz. Enjoy your time north, looking forward to your future posts!

    1. Thanks, Arlene. Hugs to Bryce -- you two have a beautiful summer! XOXO Liz and Chris

  2. I could hear the wind blowing through the bottles of pills...

    LOL I can totally imagine you standing there, wondering wth? Did you get your meds? And how do you get your rx's filled? Do you have to see a Mexican doctor to get a universal refill? Do tell....

    I love you guys!

    1. Hey Dev -- great to hear from you! Yes, I got my thyroid at a later date, no problemo. In Mexico, nearly all Rx's are available without prescription, and they are very affordable. Que bueno! :-) Love to you guys too. Miss you much! Hugs to Greg, Cory and little Gracey! XOXO