Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New photo round-up

Beach scene in La Manzanilla

Hat washing day aboard Espiritu


                      We spent a day exploring the maze-like Las Hadas resort here in Manzanillo on foot.
                        It's beautiful,  but I've gotta admit, it's a thrill to go back to our anchored
                            "Espiritu" at the end of our exploring -- 'cause it's FREE! :-)

       This La Manzanilla open air tienda personifies the Mexican grocery experience: note the skylight (saves electricity), the canned goods lining the wall, and of course, Mother Mary overlooking all...

A typical scene in Melaque 


Captain Chris peruses the little fleet in our secret anchorage paradise at Carrazal

This La Manzanilla street scene pretty much says it all

We took a day strolling through Barra Navidad. What an adorable little village!

                              Did you ever wonder what happened to Thrifty Drug Stores, and their
              ice cream cones?   They moved to Melaque, evidently! Yes, this is an ice cream store!
                                 Sadly, the cones are no longer 5 cents, though...

Walkway over the estuary in La Manzanilla

Yes, I took this photo in La Manzanilla!
This is a 1,000 pound crocodile in the wild, merely feet from us! Wow!

This suspension bridge over the La Manzanilla crocs seemed very stable, thankfully

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  1. Love the photos Liz! That's a very cute one of you two on the walkway. Looking forward to our jam session this evening! :)