Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New photo round-up: Golfito, Costa Rica

Well, it's a few days after our lightning strike and, as Elvis would say, we're "Takin' Care of Business."

We're safely tied to the dock at the Flamenco Marina here in Panama City and we're in the infant stages of assessment, planning and finally repair of our beloved "Espiritu." But I won't bore you with the technical details. This is not that kind of blog.

But what I do have is photos! And I've got quite a backlog. I was all ready to update the blog detailing our adventures of the Pacific Islands of Western Panama a few days ago, when my plans were suddenly and quite rudely, I thought, interrupted by mother nature. The nerve!

Anyway, now I'm back on track. So here goes:

Yet another storm brews in the distance over Golfito, Costa Rica


              Our last port of call before leaving Costa Rica was the waterfront town of Golfito.

The charming Banana Bay provided our mooring as well as laundry, showers and internet.
We highly recommend the place!

Golfito is on an estuary that is so flat and calm, it truly felt like we were moored in a tropical mountain lake.
It's a must-stop for all cruisers passing through.

The further south we get, the larget the bugs. Do not even ask me what in the hell this thing is... (yeesh)

If we never make it to the South Pacific, we'll always feel like we got a good taste of it here in Central America

     OK, check this out: what you see in this photo is the complete toothpaste section in one of the moderately sized supermarkets in Golfito. There was only one brand: Colgate. But there are several different "types" of Colgate toothpaste offered -- flouride, whitening, sensitive teeth, etc. -- evidently to give us the illusion of choice. Sorry, we're not fooled, Colgate-Palmolive! It seems multinational corporations have invaded pretty much every little corner of the planet.    :-/

                   This was an interesting site as well in Golfito. The sign advertises a Jewish shoe store. We never could find the store -- which was a bummer because I was very curious to see what Jewish shoes look like!

Maybe all the Zapateria Shalom carries is sneakers?

 Ah, well. That's it for Golfito and Costa Rica. My next post will feature photos of the lovely Islands of Western Pacific Panama.

 XOXO Liz (and Chris)

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