Thursday, November 1, 2012

New photo round-up: Panama North Shore

May your trails be crooked, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. 
May your mountains rise above the clouds. 

-- Edward Abbey

                                       Exploring the San Lorenzo National Park

      Well, the uprising in Colon has settled down, Superstorm Sandy has moved on, but Chris and I are still here at Shelter Bay Marina in Colon dealing with ongoing battery problems.

    While we're here waiting for parts, we've had the chance to explore the rustic Caribbean coast of Panama.

              The area we've explored in northern Panama ranges from slightly west of Colon, across the canal and east to Portobelo, and further yet along the coast to the tiny towns of Puerto Lindo and Garotte (neither of which are on the map).

                          A tree groans with fresh papaya in the front yard of this home

                                                    A swing hangs lazily over the water

                                                                 Lost horizon

                                                     Children swim in their skivvies

                                                           Coconut palms

           We were thrilled to trip upon a pair of Shetland ponies! I grabbed a handful of
   grass and slowly, gently approached the little guy to see if he would eat out of my hand...

                                      "Hey, come back!"   Ah, well... LOL...    :-)

          We went on a 12 mile round trip bike ride deep into the rainforest. Our destination was the San Lorenzo Fort, shown above at the mouth of the great Chagres River.  It is the oldest fort in Panama.

                                  Our only company at the Fort besides a snake and dozens of
                        howler monkeys was an armadillo. Who knew they lived in the tropics?

                                There is a bit of fall leaf color change here in Panama

                                                       Rickety dinghy dock in Garotte

    ...and another view (note the shipping palate on the left -- no need to waste perfectly good wood!)

           We were curious about this Star of David cinderblock around a home in impoverished Garotte

                                                            ...and just up the road...

           A street artist draws a family in distress on a wall in Colon. This could be related to the
         recent uprising and shootouts with police, where many were killed, including two children.


                          Yes, I crossed this uber-rickety foot bridge, and lived to tell the tale...

                                                   Dreamy little dinghy dock

                                                             Child's toy gun at rest

                                                             Interesting cloud formation

                                                            Bus stop

                                                Panamanian youth clowning around

                                 Cruiser's hang-out and book exchange in Puerto Lindo

                                                 Dugout canoe as planter

                                             ...and another view...

           And lastly, a sailors favorite thing:


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