Monday, December 24, 2012

A bittersweet "Merry Christmas" from Roatan

 The biggest, shiniest Christmas tree on Roatan is on the cruise ship dock, which is blocked off from the local population. Here the tree sits unattended as there are currently no cruise ships in Roatan harbor.

                                          Kinda seems like a sad waste to me.

          Well, it's Christmas Eve aboard Espiritu. I've gotta say that this year I'm missing my family back in the states a bit more than I did last year. Christmas 2011 in Mexico was a magical experience. Mexicans are unabashedly religious -- unabashedly Catholic -- and Christmas in La Cruz was a feast of sacred and joyful celebration.

             A few garlands hang for sale with a half-heartedly decorated tree in a local Roatan tienda

                      It's just different here. More laid back. I mean, we're in the Caribbean now.
                           It's no big deal,  mon.  But I've gotta say, I kinda MISS the big deal!

         One rather sweet little laid back Roatan Christmas tradition is they hammer out little sheet metal Christmas decorations and hang them from trees by the side of the road. This one features an agouti, a sweet little tail-less varmit that is ubiquitous throughout Central America.

                                                                   A dolphin

                                                              A star

                                                                  A Christmas tree

           So, since I'm in the Caribbean now, I've gotta get used to the "laid back, no big deal, mon" thing. I dunno. It's gonna be a tough sell.

    On the other hand, thanks to our friend Rob aboard Freedom's Call we now have 150 Jimmy Buffett songs on our iPod.

    I never was much of a Jimmy Buffett fan.  Previously, the only song I knew was "Margaritaville," which if you look at the words is a kinda sad song. 

   But after listening to a few dozen of his tunes, I think I'm becoming a convert. There's a wry intelligence to the lyrics that I simply never knew was there. 

   And since I've been in the Caribbean, I'm even learning to appreciate reggae for the first time.

          But let's face it: since we don't smoke pot, a "Reggae Christmas" has limited appeal.

      Call me old fashioned, but I like having Christmas MEAN something.  And here in paradise, it's kinda uncool to apply too much MEANING to things. It's far cooler to just hang loose, man.


  So, this Christmas finds me seeking meaning here in paradise.  LOL... the journey continues!

    So, here's wishing you the merriest of Christmasses from Chris and Liz here in laid back Roatan.  Know that you are being thought about -- and missed -- this Christmas season. Happy Hanukah. Happy Holidays. Be good to each other. XOXOXO 

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