Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Welcome to Brooksy Point!

                       Chris and Jim having a serious discussion at Brooksy Point Yacht Club

           Brooksy Point Yacht Club is a charming little outpost here in French Harbor, Roatan, Honduras.

                     It is carved into the steep hillside and runs right down to the waterfront.

            For $15 a week per boat, we get WiFi, warm showers, comraderie and a great dinghy dock.

 There is, of course, also a great book exchange. We had to laugh at the recent addition of "The Encyclopedia of Offshore Banking" to the library.

 The French Harbor anchorage, where Espiritu rests, is just around the corner from Brooksy Point.
                    This shot was taken yesterday from Espiritu right before a 35 knot squall hit.

    There are a couple of dozen boats here in the anchorage. Many are from Europe. American culture is so different from anywhere else in the world.  An excellent example of this is the subject of nudity.

  Chris and I would definitely consider ourselves "progressives." But that's not to say that we're not real conservative in many areas of our lives. (That's the problem with "labels" -- they are such a source of confusion. I think we should get rid of 'em. But that's another topic).

  Anyway, while I have absolutely no problem with other people wearing as little clothes as they desire, I myself tend to keep my private areas covered.

 This is a very American thing. And we're surrounded by Europeans.

         This is our neighbor in the anchorage. They're from France. It's hard to tell from this photo, but that's a nude guy sitting on the deck sunning himself and catching up on his reading.

        Here in the Caribbean we've seen several Europeans casually strolling around on the decks of their boats in the buff. More power to them. But you will not -- EVER -- find me doing the same.

   I'm just too damn American. Modesty about such things is simply very. Deeply. Ingrained. LOL...

          This boat is moored at the small marina at Brooksy Point. Note the big doghouse on the deck!

       There's also a big screen at Brooksy Point. Another thing that makes us Americans different from pretty much the rest of the world is we are the only people on the planet who enjoy American football. The American boats here in the anchorage have been having a ball watching the NFL playoffs, while our European friends look on in a combination of confusion, compassion and very very mild disgust. LOL...

       Brooksy Point also provides weekly bus rides to the local supermarket for the cruiser members.

    Chris pays the lady at the local supermarket here in Roatan. We've used our Trader Joes shopping bags in Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and now Honduras. They are a gentle reminder of home...

      This is the actual shopping cart contents for a fellow cruiser (who will remain nameless). This is what he spent his money on for the whole week's sustenance: Beer, bourbon, white wine, red wine, a wine glass, and toilet paper. That's it.  This is a peek inside the lives of some of us out here...LOL...

         They sell these gigantic taco shells here in Roatan. I'm not exactly sure what the hell this is, or how you cook with it. Which is as good a reason as any to pose for a photo with it!

   We've also met many other musicians here at Brooksy, and have had some enjoyable jam sessions. In the photo above are I.B. and Rebecca from West Virginia.  They know lots of Irish and Old Timey songs, which has been a special treat. It's always a novelty to play something other than Jimmy Buffett...(LOL)...

           Well, that about completes our little tour of the Brooksy Point Yacht Club and Marina. As you can see, it's a lovely little place. We're happy here, and will stay a spell before heading north on our journey back to the states.

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  1. Great blog Liz. the photos as usual were very special. Hope you guys are well and happy. Love