Friday, July 5, 2013

July 4th from East to West

                                   As this chart shows, July 4th was a mixed bag across
                                                   the country for fireworks viewing

                      My sister JoJo and her girls are in Washington D.C. for the 4th.
                        Boy was I happy to see the letters G-O-O-D plastered over
                    the capital in the graphic above! I wanted them to have a good time.

                   Judging from the photos, a fine time was had by all in Washington last night

                                                    Pretty dramatic spectacle

                             Meanwhile, here on the West Coast, fireworks watchers
                             in nearby Simi Valley experienced fireworks gone wrong.

                     Dozens were injured as the fireworks blew up on the ground and exploded
                        outwards towards the crowds. I think we've all feared something like this
                                       happening when we're in the audience.

                                  On the mountain, we had a much more low key holiday.


                       I was the drum major (note my pine bough baton) for 
                       the kazoo band in the Green Valley Lake parade.

Esprit de Corps!

I'm pretty sure these aren't supposed to be on the ground...

Feeling a bit left out

"OK, I let you have the best seat. Pay up."

      All in all, it was a sweet and lowdown family day in Green Valley Lake

     Next stop, a BBQ at our friends Ron and Donna's 
before the fireworks show at Lake Arrowhead. 
Check out the Lucy and Ethel salt 'n' pepper shakers!
Really -- how All American is that?

Their dog Bella asks: "Can I come see the fireworks, too?"

Chocolate covered jalapenos are for sale at Lake Arrowhead

Ron rises to the challenge. That's why we love you, bro!  :-)

Chris enjoys some people-watching as the crowds 
arrive for the fireworks

Here's something you don't see every day in Lake Arrowhead

There was an air show, too!

Donna's granddaughter enjoys her pinwheel

Loved this asian-style Captain America hat

The show over the lake did not disappoint

As the media portrays it, these days
our country is about as split up and polarized
as any time in recent memory. 

I'm not so certain that we really are all 
that different from one another.
But that's a topic for another blog post.

Anyway, I noticed yesterday that July 4th
seemed to be a hyperbole-free zone. The Americans around me
   laid down our arms, so to speak. We forgot about politics 
    and just celebrated and had fun together. It didn't even 
matter what our beliefs were. 
We were one.

Just for a day. 

It was a wonderful place to be. 



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