Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dancin' In The Light

                                     Wanna go to a music jam, potluck and square
                                           dance under the stars? Come on along!

        A group of us musicians from Green Valley Lake and Running Springs carpooled over to Mt. Baldy Village last night for the most enjoyable evening I've had in a very long time.

                           I loved these boot birdhouses for sale at a boutique in Baldy Village

                                         Meet our hostess Belinda.  Her apron says it all:
                                              "I've got your low carb diet right HERE..."          
                                       Oh yeah, and one more thing: she's a hell of a fiddler.

             We wasted no time breaking out our instruments.  Banjos are a very good sign...

              And when there's a stand-up bass...well...that's it. I'm pretty much in heaven.

                                                              Happy to be there

                              Robbie and Belinda are preparing for winter at their idyllic
         Mt. Baldy hideaway...but guys, I think you might need a bit more wood than that!  ;-)

                                       Next up, a hearty potluck! These apples came from
                                                     Frank and Sandy's GVL apple trees!

                                          Robbie and Belinda's mountain cabin is the cutest
                                         place I've seen in ages.  And inside it's even cozier!

                                Our dear friend Sandi is going through chemo right now, so you
                                know this infusion of music, laughter and dancing has got to be
                                     good for the immune system as well as the soul...

                  That a girl, Sandi...take your treatment! Your oncologist would be proud!
                                                             Time for the square dancing!

                                             "Come a little bit closer
                                             Hear what I have to say
                                             Just like children sleepin'
                                         We could dream this night away...

                                                      ...But there's a full moon risin'
                                               Let's go dancin' in the light

                                                  ...We know where the music's playin'
                                            Let's go out and feel the night....

                                                   ...But now it's gettin' late
                                                 And the moon is climbin' high...

                                              ...I want to celebrate, see it shining in your eye...

                                            ...because I'm still in love with you...

                                              ...I want to see you dance again...

...because I'm still in love with you...

                               ....on this harvest moon..."    ("Harvest Moon" by Neil Young)

                         And the party continued well into the night. We drove away
                                        exhausted, happy and very very grateful.

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