Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Surprise in Green Valley Lake

                                             The maples are in bloom here in Green Valley Lake


 As it always does, fall started slowly, with scattered hints of reds and yellows...

Each sunrise brought colors slightly changed...

Beauty and more beauty with each passing day

Our neighbors to the east in Big Bear share in the glory of fall

And to the southwest, poplars glisten in Arrowbear, while a snowboard 
sign reminds us of what is to come in mere weeks

An explosion of color

This is the scene just steps from our cabin

This tree seems to be lit from within

The maples seem to be on fire

And speaking of fire, this is, of course, peak fire season. We literally put a big "X" on the calendar as each fireless day passes. Adding to our concern, the government shutdown has closed our nearest and most well equipped National Forest Service fire station. 

So, we're a bit anxious. But we're finding ways to distract ourselves.

   Sandy prepares to ceremoniously split a gigantic fall squash 
   grown right here in our Green Valley Lake community garden

Oh, my!  
Another diversion: I've been sitting in with a local bluegrass/old-timey
 band called "Grits 'n' Grady." 

       "Grits 'n' Grady" had an actual paying gig this past week    
     down in charming Oak Glen. What a treat! 

But then...something crazy happened. Something miraculous...

Five inches of snow fell on October 9th!

This was a record: the earliest snowstorm in recorded history here on the mountain!

                    What a rare treat to see the greens, reds and yellows of fall 
                     intermingled with the pristine white of the early winter snow

Definitely not something you see every day

       The snow melted within a day or two, but that didn't stop 
the kids from taking advantage of the situation:

Meet the newest Green Valley Lake mascot. 
I like his spirit!

Happy Fall, everyone!

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