Thursday, January 28, 2016

La Cruz, Bucerias and Punta de Mita

Chris at nearby Punta de Mita. Who needs the South Pacific? 

Well, we've been here at the La Cruz anchorage for 2 weeks now, 
and yes, it's starting to feel like home.

Our first few days in the anchorage were pretty rolly and maybe even scary, 
as waves and swells that had come thousands of miles from Cyclone 
Victor in the South Pacific made landfall beneath our keel.

Rolly anchorage

Breaking waves on the beach next to the anchorage

Fortunately the cyclone peetered out and we are now back to normal here.

We headed to nearby Bucerias to watch the famous "Blessing of the Fleet," where the fishing boats from La Cruz beach themselves at Bucerias where the priests bless them for the fishing season.

Beautiful, calm Bucerias 

Bucerias palapas 

Suddenly, perfect pipeline waves came out of nowhere. How could 
the fishing boats safely beach themselves under such conditions? 

The fleet arrived from La Cruz to near perfect pipeline waves (yikes)

Unfortunately the date for the event is chosen way ahead of time. Usually Bucerias beach is flat and calm. Cyclone Victor had other ideas, providing big, scary waves.

The La Cruz fishing fleet toys with the idea of "going for it" and 
risking capsize by surfing one of these growlers in

In the end, most of them made the smart decision, 
bagged it, and headed back to La Cruz. Ah, well. Better luck next year, boys!

In other news, here in Mexico you take the bus everywhere.
Random guys selling vitamins, candy, gum, whatever, might be strolling the aisle trying to sell their wares. Or other times, musicians will climb aboard and play for a few blocks, hoping for tips.

Local musicians play on the bus

I surprised them by grabbing the guitar (well, I was polite -- 
I asked if I could grab it!) and joining them in a rousing version of 
Cielito Lindo. The accordion players' giant toothless smile made my day. 

Our friends Richard and Lisa of Golden Skye invited us to sail over to 
nearby Punta de Mita for the day.  Lucky us! 

We anchored next to the Punta de Mita Four Seasons. Sweet! 

We love Richard's "Captain Awesome" t-shirt

Lisa was a socialite back in the OC, so it's no problem sailing 
AND catching up on the latest gossip at the same time

They let me drive their 62 foot ketch Golden Skye. What a thrill! 

That's all for now. 

Hasta luego!

XO Liz (and Chris) 

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