Thursday, May 5, 2016

New Photo Round-Up: La Paz, Mexico

La Paz sunset

The official government mailman delivers his mail by bicycle! Isn't that cool? 
The city is flat for the most part, so bicycles are the way to go. 

street scene 

They have free line dancing classes twice a week at the La Paz marina: count me in!

Laurie of s/v Trovita, me and Jenn of s/v Orca 
-- being total goofballs

This sparrow stood just outside the open door of our line-dancing class 
 and sang along to the music for 30 minutes! I'm not kidding. He totally 
      loves Kenny Chesney and The Oak Ridge Boys. Maybe all sparrows love 
country music? Someone should look into it. #newtheory

Bless his achy-braky little heart! 

 Mexican boys hang out and skateboard on one of the few hills in La Paz

Just bought this shampoo with "chili" essence.
 Hmmmm. Welcome to Mexico! I'll report back after using it...

We were thrilled to find one afternoon that the Baja 500 car race (a little brother to the more famous Baja 1000) would be starting in La Paz the very next day! 

Baja-style offroad racing -- in Baja! How cool is that?

When in Rome...

We cancelled all of our plans (OK, OK -- we had no plans) and headed to the starting area the next day to see the race.

Chris chats with one of the drivers

Practicing for my future occupation of "Car Show Spokesmodel"

Hundreds of people lined the street for the race start. It was really scary, because as you 
can see there are no guardrails protecting the viewers from the cars screaming 
by at close to 100MPH. And many of the fans just stood right out in the middle of the street, as visible in the photo. #muyloco

Check this out: the dad insists on holding his toddler (plugging his little ears -- the cars were LOUD) and standing out IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET as the cars careened toward him and barreled by only a couple of feet away. His wife off to the right looks on, powerless. 

Mark of s/v Trovita and Chris stood right on the curb as the cars sped by only a couple of feet away. Notice Laurie, s/v Trovita first mate, smartly standing 5 feet behind. Also notice that I took this photo from 10 feet away from the curb. I may be a Wimpy Cruiser, but sometimes that translates into being a SMART cruiser. :-} 

Shade is a hot commodity (pun intended) in Baja, so it was pretty cute seeing this family smartly using every little bit of available shade to their advantage to watch the race start.

La Paz main beach

I try to swim every day in the anchorage, even though the water is getting COLDER as summer approaches (it's now 70 degrees, down from 71 last week). Weird, huh? Anyway, the current in the anchorage is crazy strong. It's like we're anchored in a rushing river. 

I'm a strong swimmer, but the threat of being swept out to sea is definitely there, so Chris made me a "Chez lifeline" to hold onto as I swim and bathe.

Me holding onto the Chez lifeline as the water barrels past 

Captain Chris and La Paz plumage 

In other news, I awoke one morning at 3AM and popped into the cockpit to look around. I looked up and saw 2 or 3 shooting stars hurtle across the sky. I found out the next morning that Planet Earth is moving through the tail of Haley's Comet, so what I saw was bits of the comet's tail entering the atmosphere.


Chris ponders his lime-flavored Fritos -- the only variety available in Mexico. 
I miss the American ones myself...

We loved this cute group of scouts down at the beach. Notice it's both boys and girls -- 
do they have unisex scouts in Mexico? #hmmmmmm #kindacoolIthink 

lampost sunset

Our buds Bret and Marne of s/v LeaHona introduced us to this cool local hangout where they make the most delicious fresh pork tacos right on the street.

                  Bret of s/v LeaHona observes as his fresh pork taco is prepared (notice the flames shooting out onto the meat and the quickly slicing-and-dicing machete-like knife). 

Speaking of food, you may be asking yourself:

Whatever happened to Mr. Bill?

Now kids, you may not know what I'm talking about. Mr. Bill was a much beloved recurring character on Saturday Night Live back in the 1970's. 

Mr. Bill, last seen in New York City, circa 1979

To find out how beloved he was, try this experiment: go up to your parents, put your hands on your cheeks, open your eyes wide, and in a high, shrieky voice cry:

"Oh, no, Mr. Bill!!!!"

I promise you -- mom and dad will burst out laughing, give you a big hug and immediately take you off of restriction forever. 

Try it, and report back. 

Anyway, noone's seen Mr. Bill since 1979. Noone knows where he is.

Until now.

Thanks to me, the mystery is solved!

I found Mr. Bill, apparently a fugitive in hiding deep in
 Mexico, as so many Americans are.

Mr Bill -- FOUND on a slice of WalMart pizza in La Paz, Mexico.
Sort of a crappy disguise, but he was easy to find, if you're looking for him

Speaking of "Oh, no, Mr. Bill!", a few days ago I was alone aboard Espiritu one afternoon while Chris ran errands in town. I tinkered in the galley and enjoyed a rare bit of solitude aboard. Suddenly, the watermaker started up ALL BY ITSELF, making horrifying noses:

"Shreeeeeeek! Click! Moooooaaaaaaaannnn...." 

The lights on the watermaker panel began flashing and blinking.

Oh, noes. The watermaker is Chris' thing. I know nothing about it, except that it pulls in water from the ocean and brings it into the boat.

Were we sinking? Was the watermaker about to explode?

I looked at the watermaker mechanism -- no smoke or flames were coming out, and seawater wasn't filling the boat. 

Quite scared, I called Chris on the VHF, (no answer) and then our friends aboard s/v Trovita (also no answer) and finally, Derek aboard s/v Interabang, who talked me down.

Together, we concluded that this was merely a normal fresh water cleansing of the mechanism that the watermaker performs every 5 days between making water. 

Whew! This Wimpy Cruiser decided that maybe I need to become just a tad bit more knowledgeable about how our new (used) watermaker works.

Speaking of the watermaker, which we purchased used from our friends Allen and Patricia of s/v Nauti Nauti -- they left La Cruz for the Marquesas Islands in the South Pacific 36 days ago, and have still not reported in on facebook.

s/v Nauti Nauti said on facebook that their voyage to the South Pacific would take 3 weeks. It's now 5 weeks and they haven't check in yet. We also haven't heard from s/v Batu and s/v Yellow Feather, who left La Cruz at around the same time.

I'm sure they're all probably fine -- we're assuming the wind just died. Hopefully they're all three bobbing in the same vicinity and can toss canned goods to each other across their bows... other news...

This waterfront pearl statue commemorates the fact that pearls used to be the big export from La Paz, until they were all cleaned out. Captain Chris pointed out that the shell in the sculpture is actually a clam, not an oyster. But I guess clam shells are prettier.

I love this ultra-modern houseboat in the La Paz marina

La Paz dive shop

This La Paz local does not read English, so he doesn't know that his t-shirt 
says: "I'm not a hipster." The thing is, though...he kinda IS. 

Cuddling with a fellow cruiser's little King Cavalier Spaniel, a sweet flashback 
to our family's dear departed spaniel Chloe. 

Beach sunset

On Mexican Labor day, thousands of workers held a public protest along the malecon. Their concerns are similar to those of workers in the U.S. and around the world: declining salaries and benefits, worsening job security and an economic future that looks increasingly grim.

RIP Democracy

There's a nice local place where we went to have coffee with friends. It wasn't too far after April Fool's Day, so I truly thought I was being punked when I walked into the nice ladies room and saw THIS:

I swear to God, I thought it was a rubber bug someone placed there as a joke. I mean, the placement was just too perfect, right? But as I crept closer, his little antennae spinning around all hurly-burly came into view.  #holycrap 

I truly think that the cockroach thought the toilet paper roll was a sweet little soft, white, 
clean bed that someone had set up there, just for him! 

I turned off the light and ran back to Chris, who did his captain's duty by 
"taking care of" the issue for me. 

Needless to say, I removed the top layers of the toilet paper roll before proceeding to do my business.

Welcome to Mexico!      :-) 

Anyway, Good Lord, this blog has gone on long enough!

No more photos, please! Enough about me!

What's new with YOU? Send me an e-mail...I really want to know...



  1. Hi Liz, it's been cool in Crestline so far this spring. A little more rain than last year so our mountain is very green now. Dawn has planted a lot of bulbs so our patch of land has lots of flowers.

    Keep up the blog, read every word but do not post much, as I am sure many do the same : )

    1. Thanks for the nice note, Art! So happy to hear that Crestline and the mountain are green after decent precipitation. Yay! Looks forward to seeing your flowers in person sometime in the future. Until then, our Mexican adventure continues! XOXO Liz and Chris