Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just a little bit more Mazatlan...

We're moored in Mazatlan marina for another two days, at which point our plan is to head south to San Blas, about 140 miles away.

Yesterday we took the bus into town on our own for the first time, without the experienced Bill and Kat to help us find our way. We wanted to climb the hill/mountain to the Mazatlan lighthouse.

                                               It is the second highest lighthouse in the world.

The many switchbacks on the road to the lighthouse

It was great to stretch our legs and sweat for the first time in a long time! We miss mountaineering, so climbing this little mountain was very enjoyable for us.

Some of you may be wondering how my withdrawal from TV and the 24 hour news cycle is going. Well, more than a month into this adventure, I am pretty much "clean and sober," media wise. But we do have DVDs which we have been trading and borrowing amongst the other sailors.

Our friends Tom and Jeannie aboard "Eagle" surprised us with a gift of the complete 3rd season of "24."

Needless to say, we are not exactly the target demographic for this infamous Fox terrorist drama. We had never seen it before, but being sort of starved for new DVD entertainment, we gratefully accepted their gift and dove in.

We were shocked to see our American hero Jack Bauer inject heroin at the end of the opening episode!

Well, actually, he did't inject it -- but he put on the tourniquet right at his top secret government desk, drew up the heroin, and ALMOST injected it, but at the last minute he threw it against the wall, punched some things, groaned loudly and decided that rather than shooting up, he was going to go kick some major ass instead, as some sort of withdrawal therapy, I guess.

  Anyway, he's trying to kick it right in the middle of this terrorist virus threat, which maybe isn't the best time to attempt such an undertaking, if you ask me.

Jack Bauer: "I picked a bad day to kick heroin!"

Anyway, weather permitting we will sail south on Thursday. Our next destination is a little port called San Blas.

San Blas is really the tropics. So today in Mazatlan we're fitting our hatch screens onto Espiritu so that we don't get inundated with mosquitos and "no see-ums" (really tiny little irritating biting bugs) once we arrive there. Too cool, huh?

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