Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tour of Mazatlan

                             Chris and I have been anchored in Marina Mazatlan for 4 days now.

We were extremely fortunate in that upon arriving in the marina after 2 nights at sea, our very good friends Bill and Kat of "Island Bound" were arriving from La Paz at the exact same time. They have been here several times so they were able to guide us into the marina over the radio and led us right into our slip!

During our passage to Mazatlan, it was again clear how Chris and I have different ideas of how to pass the time during our watches. Chris is constantly letting out the jib, bringing in the jib, letting out the staysail, bringing it in, unreefing the main, reefing the staysail...etc. etc. etc. Anything to squeeze out that extra knot of speed.

                                                                    Me? I'm all about:

"Set it...and FORGET IT!" 


I just pick a comfortable, conservative sail plan, sit down and hopefully dive into my book for four hours. That's my idea of a good time. Chris, not so much. He's still a racer in cruisers clothing. :-)

Marina Mazatlan 


Anyway, our first couple of days at the marina were spent provisioning, ripping apart the boat, doing maintenance work, and just basically cleaning, etc.

We finally had a chance to head into town and do some exploring after our work was done. Mazatlan is a very large, very old town with lots of history and beautiful scenery.

Mazatlan cliff diver


We watched a teenaged boy do a cliff dive (for money from the tourists). I was terrified. I know many people have died at this spot and I didn't want to witness the carnage. Fortunately, after crossing himself several times, the young man emerged victorious after his dive.

We walked for several miles along the main beach at Mazatlan. It was quite lovely, and children were happily playing in the water.

We also explored Mazatlan's historical district. It is quite lovely, well preserved and quaint. We always felt safe.

                                  We toured the great Catholic cathedral, nearly 150 years old.

It was a powerful experience walking through it, although I was disappointed to find that if you want to "light a candle" for someone, the candles are electric. Sheesh. Kinda takes the beauty and mystery out of it, if you ask me.

This morning we attended a seminar on Cruising El Salvador. Now I know that when many people hear the words "El Salvador" they think of civil war, death squads, etc. But that all ended 20 years ago. It's now a peaceful country waiting to be explored.

One of El Salvador's 26 volcanoes


Anyway, there is a cruisers rally of about 50 boats which sails from Mexico to El Salvador together in March. Sounds kind of exciting, doesn't it?

We also celebrated my husband's 50th birthday this week. I baked him a cake in my sailing EZ bake oven (my first nautical cake!) and bought him fresh grapes, chocolate coins and four dollar DVD's in English with Spanish subtitles.

I'm a lucky woman. I hope I show him how grateful I am that he is my husband! We still laugh -- alot. That is the key after 15 years.

Anyway, we've got another few days here in Mazatlan before we head south to our next port.

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