Monday, December 26, 2011

New photo round-up

On this relaxed day after Christmas, I thought I would post some photos from our trip so far that hadn't made the cut until now. Enjoy!

                               My sisters JoAnna and Kirsten sent us off from San Pedro on
                                                  11/2/11, with my Mom on the right

                  Chris doing a big safety no-no by wielding a knife and whiddling down the flagpole
                                            while underway. But he's cute so all is forgiven. :-)

                          Captain Chris smiles bravely in cold, rough conditions between
                                         Ensenada and Turtle Bay coming down Baja...

                                                             First mate Liz...not so much...  :-/

                                             Chris relaxes at Turtle Bay after a rough passage

                                      With a giant turtle shell on Santa Maria beach at Mag Bay

                                              Beautiful Santa Maria beach in southern Baja

                              Tiny fish carcasses dance amongst tire tracks in dusty, wild Baja.
                                             Believe it or not, we did not set up this photo --
                                                  we found the scene exactly as it appears.

                   We were so happy to motor by the famous Cabo San Lucas arch at daybreak
                                 after a very rough night at sea. We made it to the tip of Baja! :-)

                                             The crystal blue waters of Cabo are so inviting!

                Overlooking the peaceful and warm Las Frailes anchorage in the Sea of Cortez

                                      Whenever there is a mountain around, if we can, we'll climb it!
                             Captain Chris atop Las Frailes Rock with the tiny boats in the distance...

One more of the lovely Las Frailes, one of our favorite anchorages so far

The meat market in Mazatlan, complete with flies buzzing around having a little taste

A Mazatlan boy let me gently hold his baby chihuahua, who was shaking like a leaf the whole time

Charming, bustling Mazatlan

Chris in the very European Mazatlan town square

On the thousand steps to the top of the Mazatlan lighthouse

Coming down the other side

Espiritu all alone at muggy, tropical Mantanchen Bay

                                            Espiritu all alone at muggy, tropical Mantanchen Bay

Hiking past an expensive estate at Chacala

With Rick and Deena of Talaria at the Mantanchen Jungle Cruise swimming hole 

We passed this tree hiking in Chacala. Well...that clears up the confusion (NOT!)

Looking down at Chacala from the top of the dormant volcano we climbed

Captain Chris at Chacala on the edge of the volcano

I dunno, call me crazy, but IMHO if you put this sign on your property you will draw
MORE human fertilizer to your yard, not less (on a Chacala estate)

Busiamos, south of La Cruz

Busiamos children

The kids graciously tolerated me for a photo

That's it for now. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. Great photos Liz! Thanks so much for letting us live vicariously through you and Chris's adventure!