Sunday, January 22, 2012

Boca Tomatlan to Quimixto Waterfall

We went on an amazing and arduous hike through some of the most picturesque areas in Pacific Mexico. Our friend April of Wavehouse drove a group of us south from La Cruz, through Puerta Vallarta, and into southern Banderas Bay.

South of Puerta Vallarta, to the isolated parts of Banderas Bay

We drove past the spot where they filmed the classic Richard Burton film "Night of the Iguana."

It's a crazy movie, if you've never seen it. It's very Tennessee Williams. Well, that's cause it IS from a Tennessee Williams play.  It's dramatic AC-TING with a capital "A." It's a bit over the top. But worth seeing nonetheless.

Anywhoo, we arrived at the start of our hike, an adorable little village called Boca Tomatian.

The starting point of our hike: Boca Tomatlan

Our trail went right next to the water as we headed south

No, this is not Tom Sawyer's Island at Disneyland, this is a real rickety little suspension bridge we crossed during our hike. How cute is THAT? :-) 

We stopped for a break at a gorgeous isolated beach.

Chris and I went for swim #1 at this lovely pristine spot

Refreshed after our swim, we hit the trail again, which continued along the waterfront. 

We stopped for lunch in the adorable oceanfront village of Las Animas. We "pre-ate" a peanut butter and honey sandwich we had packed out on the beach, and then split an entree in the palapa restaurant. (We're big on "pre-eating" before going into a restaurant as a money-saving trick -- that, and "post-eating," which usually consists of cheese and crackers back on the boat.) Then after the meal -- swim #2.

After lunch we hit the trail again -- and even more rickety bridges

There was a 20 foot drop under this thing -- YIKES!

Spectacular views abounded. But we were getting pretty tired -- the entire hike took about 6 hours!

We kept pinching ourselves on the beauty of the trail. The ocean to our right, the forest to our left.

  We then turned inland, for the last leg of our hike up, up, UP through 
the ranching village of Quimixto to the mountain spring and waterfall.

Um, OK. No, that is not a 5th leg. Oh. My. Lord.

A group of wild horses ran right past us! Wow...

We continued ever upward

We finally made it to the Quimixto spring and waterfall!
We swam and swam (swim #3)...AAAAHHHHHHH.

What a day! We were completely exhausted but really happy. The trip ended with a panga ride back to Boca Tomatlan. The driver of our boat was 14 years old. Ha! Bienvenidos a Mexico! 

Chris, April and Tricia enjoy a speedy panga ride back to Boca Tomatlan

Well, after a month in Banderas Bay, we've definitely seen the place and experienced it. We're really leaving. Honest. Soon...


  1. How about a play on the old Alka-Seltzer commercial:

    "Drop flop, whiz whiz oh what a relief it is."
    Be sure and email me with instructions for how we can redeem that free trip. kat

  2. We will our adventures with you when you head south and we head north :-(