Monday, March 26, 2012

Adios, Mexico!

                      The crews of Talaria, Jace and Espiritu head to the beach Mexico style
                         in the back of our friend Mamo's truck. This is the last beach on the
                                              Mexican coast before Central America.

"Hey, Mom! We're driving like 70 MPH! In the back of a truck! Without a seat belt!
Or a helmet! And we didnt' even have to sign a permission slip!"

The view from our v-berth (sleeping quarters) can't be beat!


           In other news, during those dark, slightly unsettling hours of our T-peck crossing, we were able to see the Southern Cross at the distant horizon. Yes, it is visible from the lower latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere. She's a beauty!
            Another new development: we've heard via the sailing grapevine that a much beloved American expat who we all grew to appreciate up in La Cruz was recently seen on "America's Most Wanted" and has since fled the area.

       When you think about it, the movies are full of American criminals trying to head south over the border to Mexico to escape the law:

If this movie is true, then Andy ended up somewhere near Zihuatanejo after he busted out of prison

George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino slipped below the border in "Dusk 'til Dawn."

         And then there's my favorite movie on the planet: "Thelma and Louise." These fugitives on the run utter maybe the best line in all of moviedom: as they're trying to escape to Mexico from Arkansas, Louise hands Thelma a map and says:

"Find us a route to Mexico where we don't have to go through Texas."

Thelma, looking at the map: "But Louise, between Arkansas and Mexico, all there IS is Texas!"

Louise, yelling: "Trust me, Thelma -- if a woman shoots a man with his pants around his ankles, Texas is not the place you want to get caught!"


Well, I got a bit distracted there. But anyway, the point is, if the movies are to believed, Mexico is definitely FILLED with criminals.

White, American criminals.

Could the irony be that the people we should be fearing down here in Mexico are not the Mexicans, but our fellow Americans instead?

Aye, carumba... (LOL)

Well, our plan is to head south from Marina Chiapas tomorrow on 3/27 at daybreak with Jace, Talaria and Stray Cat. We will bypass Guatemala completely, and should arrive in El Salvador early thursday morning (two nights at sea).

As always, we're not sure when we'll get internet in El Salvador so give us a week or more to check in.

Adios Mexico -- simply put:

You're beautiful.

XOXOXO Chris and Liz

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