Friday, March 16, 2012

Watching and waiting in Huatulco

    We've been anchored in Bahia Santa Cruz in Huatulco for a few days now, preparing to cross the Tuhuanapec.  The anchorage here is shallow, comfortable and beautiful. We strongly recommend it!

Bahia Santa Cruz, Huatulco                                               

We are waiting for a clear weather window to cross the Gulf of Tuhuanapec into the southernmost region of Mexico.

            The Isthmus of Tuhuanapec (the red line above) is where wind can accumulate and blow rather fiercely southward from the Carribean, across the small land bridge and into the Pacific. Crossing this area from northwest to the southeast is about 240 miles.

    We are waiting with several other boats for a good 3 day weather window, at which point we will all jump together to make the passage. Our plan is to leave on Sunday if the weather holds.

   But if we must wait SOMEWHERE, it is hard to imagine a lovelier place than Huatulco.

The lovely center square in Bahia Santa Cruz, Huatulco. These shady tables are Wi-Fi ready!

            Chris and I walked the two miles to the adjacent town of La Crucecita.

            The Catholic church there is one of the most beautiful buildings I've ever seen. The walls and ceilings are covered with colorful murals by the artist Jose Angel del Signo.

One of the ceilings inside the church at La Crucecita


I was simply awestruck by the beauty of it

                        After a long time seated in the magical granduer of the church,
                                       we explored the little town of La Crucecita.

  This friendly Huatulco fisherman proudly displays his t-shirt in this, my second in an occasional series: "Innocent Mexicans who unknowingly wear mildly inappropriate donated American t-shirts." :-)

                       The stairway up to Cafe Juanita in Huatulco promises everything
                                             that makes a cruiser's heart go pitter-pat...especially:

            Shangri-La. This titanic book exchange here at Cafe Juanita's
                           (where I write these words) brought tears of joy to my eyes...

I found this sign an existential puzzle. But that's always been my problem: I think too much. :-) 

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