Monday, April 30, 2012

Adios, El Salvador

                                           A Salvadorian country road

                              Well, we've come to the end of the road here in El Salvador.

                            Another country road in El Salvador, leading....where? Who knows?

         We say it at every destination: "Well, El Salvador is starting to feel like home. You know what THAT's time to move on."

                                   Another typically lush road here in El Salvador

                     So, the road gets narrower as we head ever southward.
                              And we are truly taking the road less traveled.

               Yeah, Jerry, we know. And you're right -- about MOST things.
                      But I'm not so sure you're right about THIS little thing...

                                      Another beautiful Salvadorian country road

                         But before we leave El Salvador, a few more images...

              This little girl on the bus personifies for me the weary, gentle way of the Salvadorians.

                       Here they are, my last two entries in the "Innocent Salvadorians
             who unknowingly wear mildly inappropriate or incongruous donated American t-shirts:"

                             Do you think this sweet lady at the bus stop knows what Playboy is?

               I started to try to explain to this nice Salvadorian fisherman who Al Franken is, but my              Spanish is far from proficient enough to say he's a "Jewish/Democrat/comedian/senator from Minnesota." So I just let it be.


                                                        Note to self: mud is slippery.

              I love how a whole herd of cows will suddenly appear out of nowhere here, ambling down the road. With no apparent owner or wrangler in sight. Same goes for pigs. And goats.

           We met adorable little Estefani in the tiny pueblo of San Marcelino. When we explained to her and her mother the Spanish translation of her t-shirt, they looked at each other, nodded their heads and laughed.   :-)

                       Estefani proudly introduced me to her clothes-less doll named Angelica.

                Salvadorian mile (kilometer) markers on the highway are in the shape of tombstones.
                    We couldn't help but wonder if this was intentional or not. I'm still not sure...

Three of the volcanoes which graced our mooring field and marina here in El Salvador

       We've had such fun here at the El Salvador Cruiser's Rally. Above is a scene from a
     competitive and very serious pool volleyball tournament we had a couple of weeks ago.

 It's been a great group of sailors here. But now we're splitting up and everyone is heading their separate ways.

Now THAT's the man I fell in love with... :-)

Chris encourages Mickey to make the shot

It's easy to see why my husband was consistently voted "Most Inspirational" on his sports teams in high school


The Doolittles of Knee Deep clown around between bumps and sets

We're very grateful that Hugh, skipper of Serendipity and king of the clowns,
will be heading south with us to Costa Rica

We sadly bid a fond farewell to the Doolittles, who are flying to the Bay Area for the summer.
 (sniff) This photo says it all...

         It's hard to put into words how much I'll miss JP and Mickey.  Having no children of our own, Chris and I realize that spending quality time with those of the pediatric persuasion is a vital component to a well rounded, happy life. So we'll really miss these little guys.


    So, the sun is setting on our Salvadorian adventure. Tomorrow we set sail for Costa Rica. 

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  1. Happy Travels!! We returned from the volcanoes to find Espiritu gone and I turned to Ben and said, "I will miss those guys!" See you soon on the South side! They boys all say "hola"!! Love your yearbook entry to our log book!