Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New photo round-up/El Salvador

                       A friendly San Salvador policeman shows off his fancy cop duds.
                                                          Note the Nazi-esque knickers!

        We were stunned to find this pine forest halfway up the volcano Santa Ana. Who knew there were pine forests in the tropics? They were so beautiful and really reminded us of home in the American West.

                                    This cool treehouse was at the volcano national park entry area.

         Here's another cool treehouse. This one is on the Isla Cordoncillo, right next to our mooring.

                 Check out this cool playground, also on the volcano national park grounds.
  It had a sign that said "Para ninos solamente." (Children ONLY!)   Aw, shucks! Lucky kids!

                            This billboard ad in San Salvador advertises American-style homes.

         This is the pool here at Bahia del Sol where the cruisers hang out every day. For $14.00 a week               per couple we can use the pool, the showers and the internet. As you can imagine,  some sailors plan on                   staying here for months!

                 Now here's a lawn jockey you probably wouldn't see in the states (that's a beer bottle in his hand, in case you can't make it out) -- if you dared put this on your lawn in the U.S. the "politically correct police" would drag you down to the squadroom for serious questioning!

               This is our lovely little mooring field here in Costa del Sol, El Salvador.
                           At $100.00 a month, as you can imagine, it's very popular!

                         Chris peruses the rickety (but charming) dinghy dock onto Isla Cordondillo

                     Another beautiful tropical sunset in the estuary...

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