Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just Do It.

                                               It's Crunch Time. One week 'til shove off.

You know those last weeks and days before a giant undertaking, like a big move or a big vacation?

Preparing for our sailing expedition is like a big move AND a big vacation, all rolled into one. So many financial issues to get arranged, as well.

                       Our to do list has shrunk from thousands of items to finally less than a hundred.

One problem is, certain things were knocked off the list, but then they crept back on again. Like our head (AKA "the toilet" in boat speak).

                          Ours isn't quite THIS utilitarian. But there are exposed pipes involved.

Anyway, poor Chris has repaired it like 4 times in recent months. I've heard that the head is the bane of every sailors existence, and we're finding that to be true.

Chris had it fixed again only last weekend, good as new. Last night at 0400, I heard frustrated moans and groans coming from the bathroom. Oh, no. On the fritz again. 

I had to go to the ladies room, so I needed to make the long walk up the dark dock to the marina restroom. 

I started hearing shuffling and noises all around me as I walked alone alone in the early morning darkness. 

We do, don't forget, live in San Pedro.

 Nervous now, I kept walking, despite some VERY loud noises coming from a nearby bush.

Finally,  the perp made himself known.

Oh.!    :-)

At night, our dock is swarmed with a small tribe of raccoons. 

They come down from the hill to feast on the shellfish living on the rocks and along the dock.

I've learned that the way to deal with raccoons when you come upon them at night is pretty much the same plan as if you should come upon "bad guys." Just nod your head, hunker down and keep on walking.

Anyway, I'm trying to fight the temptation to postpone our departure just because every little thing isn't perfect. 

Perfect does not exist.

Have you ever ran a competitive race or climbed a mountain? 

I have, and I'll tell you that each time I never felt as prepared as I could have been -- as I should have been.

But each time, by pacing myself and by conserving my energy, I did better than I feared that I would. I made it through.  I made it to the top. WE made it to the top. Together!

There is always an excuse for inaction. But the fact is this: Chris and I are as ready as two people can be to do this.

So, the lesson is this:


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