Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas in a Mexican Village

A magical Christmas Eve -- complete with full moon -- in Turtle Bay, Mexico

We were so fortunate to spend Christmas here in Turtle Bay with several other southbound cruising boats. Maria, Jesus and the entire Castro family literally opened their arms and welcomed us as family.

Cute, simple Christmas display in Turtle Bay

Maria made us a delicious gringo-style Christmas turkey dinner with all the fixins.

Three Wise Men and an Angel at our Christmas dinner at Maria's restaurant (left to right: Mark of Hop Toad, Nico of Yellow Feather and Mark and Eden of Halcyon I)

After dinner we had a big white elephant Christmas gift exchange -- each person wraps something used and hopefully funny and/or usable from one's boat, and we exchange the gifts. It's always alot of fun.

Sharon of Sea Horse smiles gamely with her gift -- a used circuit panel. 
Just what every girl dreams of for Christmas! 

Interestingly, my husband Chris received seasons 1-4 of the 90's terrorism gunfest TV show "24."

The reason it's interesting is this:

Sailors/cruisers do own and watch DVDs, although these days most of our entertainment is digital. But the few DVDs we do carry we never give away. We might loan them to a friend, but if we like them, we would never part with them.

Four years ago when we first cruised Baja, our friends aboard Eagle gave us a kind gift of seasons 1-4 of "24." We had never seen the show, so we watched a few episodes and decided by episode 10 that it wasn't really our thing.

A couple of weeks later we bequeathed the DVDs to our new friends on Interabang! 

And now -- four years later -- we receive -- AGAIN! -- seasons 1-4 of "24" -- in the same place -- Baja! 

My theory is the show "24" is the most regifted item in all of Baja. Everyone watches 10 episodes, throws up their hands, quits, and hands them off to someone else.

In short, I believe the DVDs we just received are the same ones we regifted 4 years ago, and they've been hopping from boat to boat, looking for a home.

Jack Bauer: Why doesn't anyone want to keep our "24" DVDs? 
Why? It's so humiliating! Why do we keep getting regifted?!?!?!?!?!? 

Well, we're continuing the regifting tradition. I've given them to Maria's son Hector. Comeon, boys...someone give poor Jack Bauer a home. 

Anyway, after the gift exchange we all sang carols and then went to the Christmas Eve service in the Catholic church. It was as lovely, simple and moving as we hoped. :-) 

Other Turtle Bay images --

Hanging muddy bear and shoe

We were thrilled to find a beautifully groomed baseball diamond in town. And what luck -- a game was about to start in one hour! 

Chris was so excited -- baseball!

Chris to the players: "OK, guys -- we'll be back in an hour for the game!"

Unfortunately, they had to cancel the game -- not enough players. Chris was crushed.

Another pretty day in the anchorage

We found these interesting rocks on an isolated beach. Hmmmmm. Odd...

Maybe we should call Ancient Aliens? 

Catherine bicycled here from Quebec with her boyfriend. She adopted this adorable stray here in Turtle Bay, and has named him Falco. No word yet on how they plan on transporting Falco all the way to South America...

Chris hoisted/cranked Rico up the mast of his sailboat Sea Horse

Fixer upper for sale at a rock-bottom price. Chris considers the possibilities...

Dinosaur-sized hip bone rests at the butcher shop in town

The Turtle Bay Pier. I know what you're thinking -- that there are many, many seagulls in town. And of course, you're right. But there's more to the story. The town got a little help from Jackson Pollack during his little known "Turtle Bay Period" in the early 60's.

 I'm kidding...or AM I? 

Gorgeous beach just on the edge of town

There are no laundramats in Turtle Bay, but Maria's sister Yolanda will wash your clothes for you in her washing machine which sits outside in the yard. 

Chris picks up our laundry from Yolanda. Note the REI 
wool sock still hanging on the line behind Chris' head -- 
that was ours, and we 
retrieved it before heading back to Espiritu. 

Maria's Restaurant right on the beach is the hangout for cruisers. She's got good food, fast WiFi, a cool drink and tons of good natured hospitality.

People are happy and welcoming in Turtle Bay, despite meager incomes. But there are signs everywhere here that when living in near-poverty, one is always right on the edge.

This is the wall in Maria's bathroom. She assures me that they "hardly ever" 
have earthquakes here, and they're "always little." Let us hope...

The ocean has been warm enough during this visit to swim and bathe in the ocean. But the last time we were here four years ago, the ocean was freezing. My only option was a "maybe hot" shower provided by Maria's restaurant for 10 pesos.

The gringo shower at Maria's restaurant -- yep, that's a pipe sticking out of the wall and a big window  looking out onto a loading dock. It wasn't the best shower I've ever had by a longshot, but I was mighty grateful to get it.

Pelicans: "Hey, fisherman...where ARE you? We're ready and waiting to go fishing!"

Pink house and fishing nets

On the main drag of Turtle goes on

We've loved Turtle Bay. She exceeded our expectations. But it's time to head south. The plan is sail to either Mag Bay or Cabo San Lucas in the next couple of days. Right now 30 knot winds are blowing, so we're staying put in this happy little village.

Hasta La Vista!   

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  1. Merry Christmas to you both and safe travels on your next jump. Beware in Cabo, they charge you an arm and a leg to anchor there -or they did. kat