Thursday, December 3, 2015

San Diego to Ensenada

        After a couple of weeks dealing with rudder and engine issues in San Diego, we finally made the hop over the border, past Tijuana, and into everyone's favorite first Mexican port: Ensenada.

                                  I caught this amazing shot on our last night in San Diego.
                                  The moon looked like a fiery crystal ball orb glowing
               from within, resting on a mysterious carpet of swirling clouds. I don't generally
                       believe in "magic," but really -- if this sight isn't magical, then what is?


A great blue heron fished each night from our dinghy
 as the San Diego skyline sparkled in the distance

We were blessed with a gorgeous "first Mexican sunrise" as we 
passed the Coronado Islands during our short hop south

                              Ensenada's main drag along the waterfront has
                                               really cleaned up its act.
                                      Here it's got a Palm Springs feel to it.

The view out the Espiritu kitchen porthole 
onto the deck at marina Baja Naval

After checking into the country, our first order of business was provisioning
 and laundry, about a mile's walk into town.

No problem! Captain Chris, AKA "Pack Mule," hucks the laundry

Next stop: dollar tacos at Tacos Bam Bam! 

Now that our chores were done and our bellies were full, time to 
check out the trinket shops (all looking, no buying).

Mexican tourist Barbie, complete with leather sandals, 
Mexican purse and a marionette to play with

Ya gotta love the t-shirts

 What services, exactly, are available in the 'Girl's Beauty Saloon?'

American actress Emma Stone graces a 
cosmetics poster on the street in Spanish

This clay sculpture was on the top of a post where a parking meter had been

On Sunday afternoon we packed a picnic lunch and headed to a 
park in town away from the tourist areas.

We were sort of shocked to see this statue of a breastfeeding mother in the park. Sponsored by the Rotary Club, of all things (?).  Talk about "things you won't see in the USA." While it's still pretty much frowned-upon for American women to breast feed in public (although I don't see why not!), I must say that I don't usually see Mexican women breast feeding in public south of the border either. 

The park was lovely, filled with families enjoying their Sunday afternoon

There were palettes set up for children to paint beneath the trees

More children painting in the park with their families

Lovingly painted park gazebo with "Day of the Dead"
 imagery, ever-present throughout Mexico

There was a little band and singers set up on the stage to entertain the families at the park. Since we were away from the waterfront, the trinket shops and the cruise ships, needless to say we were the only gringos amongst the hundreds of Ensenadans enjoying the afternoon in the park.

To my surprise, one by one a group of older Mexican women stood up and started dancing to the music with great joy. It didn't take long before...

...I had to join in!

These sweet Mexican ladies welcomed me (the crazy gringo)
 with open hearts and open arms

Later that night, Chris and I headed into town to find a restaurant showing "Futbol Americano" -- AKA, Sunday Night Football. 

As we enjoyed our "Cruiser's Economy Meal" (meaning: we split an entree)
 we watched the Broncos beat the Patriots!    WOOOO WHOOOOO!

Another week or so in Ensenada getting work done. 

Wanna drive down and visit? 


  1. Great Blog. Nice to see you have not changed a bit. One thing though. Pats are my team this year and I was bummmmed to see you were happy. My other team is the cheer for both when you get a chance. PS I think they should have let Paton play,

    1. Since when are the Patriots YOUR team, Howard? Wow. This makes me question everything about our friendship. (LOL) ;-)

  2. Hey Liz and Chris! What a pleasure it's been to make your acquaintance. Thanks so much for taking me under your wings. Look forward to more adventures to come!
    Warm regards,


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