Sunday, December 13, 2015

Ensenada Wiped Clean

Crystal blue skies greeted us after a cold storm blew threw Ensenada

A huge pacific storm sent giant waves down the coast, including the Ventura pier above. For perspective, the flag is flying at the end of the pier, and the wave is breaking halfway down the structure (photo courtesy of KTLA).

Needless to say, with swells like this humming down the coast, we're staying put here in the marina at Ensenada until these growlers burn themselves out.

Our rudder post work is done and we're back in the marina awaiting a weather window for Turtle Bay.

Pretty sidewalk flower, scrubbed clean

Mission hotel with hills in the distance

The city spreads off the coast, up into the mountains

Out the window of Cruiseport Marina

Two cruise ships were docked at Ensenada at once -- the industry is clearly thriving

Sailboats, a cruise ship and a flock of seagulls all relax in the Ensenada sunshine

Meet Smiley Joe Wiley and Dougie Doug, the comedians responsible for entertaining the Carnival Cruise ships passengers. We knew we had been in Ensenada awhile when we started recognizing these guys on the street. 

Our favorite Ensenada lunch -- 
a freshly made chicken mole "pasty" for a buck

As soon as it became clear we would be in Ensenada for awhile, I started up a yoga group.

(left to right) Lisa of Windcharmer, Eden of Halcyon I
Sue of Valkyrie and me

Yoga makes me happy :-)

But there's no denying the seedy downside of Mexico.

This trash patch floats in the corner of Ensenada harbor 

Bufflehead on the floating trash: "I flew all the way from Canada for THIS?" 

And then there's this photo I took in a bathroom at a Mega Super Store:

Quiz: what's missing in this photo? Right. No toilet paper or seat covers --
 not even any DISPENSERS on the walls. I guess you're supposed to bring your own? 


So Mexico is a mixed bag, of course. But what brings us back again and again is the people.

Ensenada family walks hand in hand down the street --
 a heartwarming, and NORMAL, sight

So tonight another storm blows through, then we're hoping for a southbound weather window to Turtle Bay on Wednesday. 

Meanwhile, how could we not love Ensenada?

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