Sunday, November 6, 2011

Life is just a cartoon...

Last full day in Ensenada. We met with a large group of sailors who are all heading south to Turtle Bay tomorrow morning for the 3 day passage.

We established a time each day when we will all go on the radio and check in with each other and make sure that everyone is OK, that no one took a wrong turn...

                                                           Someone taking a wrong turn...(LOL)


                                               The brotherhood of sailing. It's a great thing.

            This morning Chris and I scrolled through Mexican TV and tripped upon a cartoon in Spanish. This is a wonderful way to learn a foreign language. In adult programming ("Novelas," for example), they speak way too fast, and obviously use "big words."

       Watching cartoons is a much easier way to learn Spanish, because obviously they speak to children, use simpler words and hopefully speak slower.

                                       Anyway, there was only one cartoon on this morning:

                                                           "Bratz" cartoon, in Espanol

We were sort of able to follow the convoluted story, which involved casting spells and riding away on magical unicorns.  Chris is already learning many new words this way. But after watching it for about 20 minutes we admitted that these characters were very disturbing, even in a foreign language. However, the pickings are slim on Mexican TV...LOL.

I've been thinking about mind/body/spirit lately. In going on this adventure, it is important that we attend to and nourish all three of these areas in equal measure.

For example, in the "mind" department, Chris is studying and learning Spanish, and I'm really buckling down and after 15 years of sailing, finally actually learning the difference between a snatch block, a snap shackle and a spinnaker lock.

In the "body" area, obviously good nutrition and proper rest will be tantamount to our success in our travels. We've already walked a few miles since arriving in Ensenada!

Then there is "spirit." This can mean things like watching sunsets, reading our daily devotions, playing and listening to music. Just talking with each other. Laughing and yes, sometimes crying together (although hopefully my crying days are now behind me on this trip! LOL).

Mind, Body and Spirit must all be exercised and equally strong. If one of these areas is weak, it throws the whole equation off balance.

                                               So, tomorrow we sail south to Turtle Bay.

                                                                  Turtle Bay, Mexico

We should arrive by Thursday, and I'll try to post by Friday. Meanwhile, what's new with YOU? How are the Thanksgiving plans coming along?

Much love, Liz and Chris

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  1. Great blog Liz, fun to follow you guys on your adventure!

    Art and Dawn